Tuesday, January 11, 2011

organic plum pudding soundtrack!

I just heard from someone in France that she'd used "The Lark in the Morning" from the Rainy Night in the Bell Tent collection for an "animated recipe" for an organic plum pudding which she'd created and put up on YouTube.

"I found the above piece of music on the Internet Archive and it was absolutely perfect for the animation I was making called: Slow Food - Hasty Pudding. It fitted not only the pace of the animation but the spirit of it - organic Plum Pudding, made with ingredients from around the World and cooked on a woodburning stove, fed with pallet wood. I hope you like it and feel I have done justice to your music..."

Very sweet (in both senses), but not vegan, unfortunately. But it is organic, and the Dongas (the nomadic crew Inge and I were travelling with in Cornwall at the time) were always extremely fond of rich cakes and puddings like this, so quite appropriate, really. That's me (saz), Inge (mandolin), Jo (wooden flute), Ruth (violin) and Colin (percussion), as far as I can remember (it was 1997) on that particular piece.


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