Friday, January 03, 2014

new Koloto

Something new's just shown up on the Soundcloud stream of Canterbury-based producer Koloto (a.k.a. Maria Sullivan):

Her debut EP has apparently been finished some weeks ago, just artwork, etc. to be sorted now. Here's a well-deserved and well-written commentary from Soniscope blog:

"As they emanate from the picturesque city of Canterbury in the south-east of the UK, Maria Sullivan's musical concoctions engage the mind and enchant the soul. Going by her stage name Koloto, she produces highly intelligent electronic music that exudes a sense of playfulness in it's experimentation.

Every one of her tracks is packed with elaborate sonic detail. The percussive elements are frenzied and crisp, and the whirlwind of melodies dip and dive like an autumnal flight of swallows to form a well composed mosaic of sound.

Her technique seems to rely on the reworking of multiple analogue sounds through digital manipulation, with some mighty deft panning and mild distortion in places too. Everything is sharp and textured and demonstrates a great ear for sound — each little nuance is complimentary to a track in it's entirety."


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