Sunday, April 18, 2010

Children of the Drone compilation 8

I just finished compiling this. It's all drawn from 2009 sessions, of which there weren't so many, so not so much material to draw from this year - still some rather good stuff though (I think). This is a sort of pre-mix version, as I've only got access to MP3s of the original recordings (WAV files are safe in Exeter).

purple lichen photo by Amy from Wales

Keith, me, Henry, John, James T, Vaughan, James S, Mick, Richard, Annie Q, Brian, Tim, Lucy, Dominic + Lee and Val used electric and acoustic guitars and basses, saz, balalaika, dan bau, alto saxophone, flute, voices, bells, percussion, bowed electric guitar, mbira, xylophone, Roland Samplepad, mandolin, harmonica, piano, keyboard, electronics, water, various iPhone apps, teaspoons, teacups, teapots and possibly some other things too. Passing vehicles and pedestrians are also audible in places. Everything was entirely improvised and recorded to a single microphone. Tracks 7 and 9 involve simple crossfades of pieces from two different dates. Tracks have been been subjected to minimal digital processing. The section spoken by James T at the end of track 9 (" seas of infinity...") is apparently from H.P. Lovecraft, rather than his own poetry.

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